Job Search Tips

Job Search Tips

Resume Writing – Content And Style

75-80% of all resumes received by company executives are discarded! Why Sometimes it’s because the company doesn’t have a need, but all too often it’s because the applicants have not described themselves effectively.

Acing Behavioral Interviews

Over the past 15 years, behavioral interviews have become increasingly popular because they allow companies to make better hiring decisions. They’re based on the premise that past behavior is the best way to predict future performance.

Communicating Your Way To Success

Communicating is easy. Communicating effectively—well, that’s another story…On average, we spend 80% of each day communicating, regardless of our position in an organization

7 Key Steps To On-The-Job Success

Common sense will tell you that qualities like motivation, dedication, integrity, good judgment, and a sense of responsibility to the people you work with are crucial to career success. But, just having these qualities is not enough to guarantee success.

Take Charge of Your Career

Who’s in charge of your career development? In the past, employers were primarily responsible for managing careers. Opportunities were often pre-determined, and in many cases, somewhat out of your control.